Tia Health

Social Media
Public Relations

Tia Health is a virtual healthcare provider who connects Canadians to doctors through any device, at any time, anywhere. The category leader approached ORA when news of the pandemic began to sweep the globe, looking for a social media identity and a way to connect more seamlessly to patients everywhere. With healthcare about to go virtual overnight, Tia Health needed to grow visibility, fast. 

ORA was tasked with building Canadian patients’ brand affinity and trust in a completely new type of healthcare company, beginning with strategic media relations. Through positioning the brand to be socially aware, inclusive, and responsive, patients immediately felt Tia Health had a compassionate online personality.

Through creating a series of custom illustrations, ORA stylistically diverted Tia Health from the typical visual language of the industry and gave them a more human voice. With the creation of a bank of trusted medical information available to the public, the result was a vast increase in brand engagement and a strong base of supporters who would be the foundation for Tia Health to thrive.